The Great Stupa in Glorious Brilliance

by Gimyo Inaba, Head of Koyasan Shingon-shu

Since the autumn of 1995 we have been working on the Great Heisei Restoration Project at Koyasan. Temples and churches throughout Japan, members of Kongoko (Vajra Dance Groups), floral arrangement groups and all the congregations have given the project their earnest consent and cooperation. The goal included three large projects: 1. Repairs on the roof of the Great Lecture Hall of the Daishi Kyokai Headquarters, 2. Repainting and restoration of the Great Stupa, and 3. Restoration of the wall paintings of the Sixteen Bodhisattvas within the Great Stupa. We have completed all three projects and have celebrated the event with a ceremony.

I express my deep gratitude to those who have made everything possible. We have solemnly completed all of the activities and ceremonies, with the resolute hope that Odaishi-sama's divine teachings would become the light source illuminating the new world. These three days on Koyasan have been as if Odaishi-sama's divine teaching's, Buddha and ourselves have become one as if the Pure Land appeared. There is no greater happiness for me to know that those who attended this most unusual event were also able to gratefully experience "the Joy of Dharma."

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