Issue No. 1: The Words Of Kobo Daishi, Dedication of Monju Bosatsu Painting (Manjusri Bodhisattva), Kobo Daishi and Esoteric Buddhism, Ancient Chinese Fabric "Gushi-Ori"

Issue No. 2: The Sound of Birds, Salvation Through The Blessed Holy Sand (Kaji Dosha), Children Study in Summer Koyasan, 78th Special Congress

Issue No. 3: His Imperial Highness and Her Imperial Highness Hitachi-no-miya visited Koyasan, The Beauty of Mikkyo Buddhism Transmitted to the Modern Age

Issue No. 4: Kiichi Murakami of Koyasan High School Debating Club wins Minister of Education's Excellency Trophy and Banner, Another Part of Ourselves-Cherish Buddha in Your Mind, Consideration, Odaishisama's Embrace

Issue No. 5: What Can I Believe In? Teach Me!, Mother is Surely With Odaishisama, The Fulfillment of One's Desire, Pregnant for Thirty Years, A Worrisome Grandmother, One Good Turn Deserves Another

Issue No. 6: The Fulfillment of a Great Dream, President of Koyasan University Together with Ministers and Staff Participates in the Rimini Meeting With The Pope, Chinese Priests Study On Mount Koya

Issue No. 7: Shinzen Daitoku: A Special Pictorial Report 70,000 People Congregate in The Holy Mountain

Issue No. 8: Creative Ideals Make You Young, Serenity of Mind In Passing Away, Mans Search for Serenity in Departing from Life, The Spiritual World Has Marriage, Buddhist Altars

Issue No. 9: There is a Great Joy at Ch'ih-an

Issue No. 10: Odaishisama in Hawaii, Steeped in the Sacred Atmosphere Twenty-six Members Visit Koyasan

Issue No. 11: The Restoration of the Great Stupa on Koyasan, Celebrating 60 Years of Missionary Work in South America

Issue No. 12
: Carnegie Hall Performance, First Hawaii Shingon-shu Great Assembly, Koyasan Flower Arrangement in France, Cultural Exchanges

Issue No. 13: The Sounds Of Tempyo, Lost Music from The Silk Road, Pilgrimage to Mount Koya from Hawaii, Opening The Door to Mount Koya, Okunoin, Typhoon Number 7

Issue No. 14: Tour of the Mission in South America, Registration as a World Heritage Site, Decorating The Founders Mountain, International Exchange Center, Kobo Daishi Exhibit (Shikoku), Kado Koyasan Flower Arrangement

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