"Healing and Comfort"
The Performance at Carnegie Hall, New York

May 30, 1997

By the time the arena was filled exceeding 2800 seats of the world famous Carnegie Hall of New York, with the gong of the bell of Koyasan Shirou of the great Garan of Koyasan, the curtains for the performance of "Mandala: The Cosmic Harmony" opened.

All who attended were profoundly moved and received comfort in their hearts as they experienced the sacraments of the East: the healing vibrations of the Nanzan Shomyo of 1200 years of tradition, a meditation that calmed their minds, the harmony of synthesizers with traditional Japanese music, the Kongo-ryu Goeika with 150 singers, and religious dancing that is never seen anywhere else.

There were many hardships to bring this day to pass. However, to those performing participants who brought themselves together and rode it out, and to the so many who gave it their best to make the performance a success, I am deeply grateful.

There were many concerns. Eventhough Shomyo has been performanced sucessfully in Europe many times; the Goeika and religious dancing have been performed only for a small audience (of those already familiar with them); can these communicate to the world? However, our concern proved to be completely unjustified.

"The music of healing . . . "

These were the words used by a lady journalist from Mexico, in an interview.

Transcending the language barrier, the resonance that directly connects to the heart; vibrations that heal and envelop the mind: they deeply moved the audience; can't we say that the emotions of the receiving audience evince, indeed, that "Cosmic Harmony" was correctly transmitted?

Carnegie Hall---we never even dreamed of it, but the fact that we achieved this success there, I keep feeling, is due to the guidance of Odaishi-sama.

This day, a cornerstone was set for spreading the divine teachings of Odaishi-sama to all the world . . .

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