Opening of the First Hawaii
Shingon-shu Great Assembly

Performing Goeika before the altar of Kobo Daishi.

The opening ceremony of the Great Assembly.
March 9, 1997

Approximately 200 members of congregations from all over the country assembled on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, and the first Hawaii Shingon-shu Great Assembly was held. About 450 people from the various Hawaiian islands, Los Angeles and the northern U.S. attended the convention hall of the Pacific Beach Hotel, Furthermore, we were joined by a group making pilgrimage to the Hawaiian Temples, and the Koyasan High School Choir filed in; it was a gathering exceeding 700 members of congregations of Daishi.

Ganmon "Wish-verses"

"Ganmon" refers to verses that express prayerful wishes to deities and buddhas, or, when performing Buddhist practice, verses express hopeful intent.

With reverence to Dainichi Nyorai who is the Great Teacher of Shingon, with reverence to assemblies of both realms and the multitudes of sacred divinities in the mandalas., and especially with reverence to the treasured presence of the founder of our sect, Kobo Daishi, I hereby announce the following.

Our founder Kobo Daishi taught the sacredness of all life; through mutual offerings and with a heart of mutual worship and through the teachings of the Mandalas that expresses the cosmos and world views. In other words, it is a teaching that the lives of You and I, and of all beings on this planet, are one with Buddha and equal with him, and that You are Buddha, and I am Buddha.

Now we, as Koyasan Shingon-shu, are going to have a gathering we will call "Great Assembly of Hawaii Shingon-shu" with participants of members of congregations who have taken refuge in these teachings of Kobo Daishi, and followers of Daishi (The Sanyo Group), who reside in Hawaii and in the mainland U.S.

We were fortunate for the participation of followers, missionaries, various teachers from Hawaii and the U.S. in general, those of the flower arrangement school of Koyasan, and all who attended who joined in the Goeika and religious dancing; that we were able to spread a great assembly in praise of Odaishi-sama, based on the theme "With the Daishi: Be Kind to All Life!" It was the most deeply moving event indeed, history-making, and of profound significance.

The Koyasan Shingon-shu, based on the faith that "With the Daishi: Be Kind to All Life!" ---which is the essence of Odaishi-sama's teachings---chant the treasured mantra of NAMU DAISHI HENJO KONGO, feel gratitude for the nurturing of our lifeforce, and pray for world peace, prosperity in society, protection of the natural environment, and progress in education; we sincerely wish to keep imparting to the people of the world all of these hopes by way of this great assembly.

Odaishi-sama teaches the heart of compassion called "walking together with Odaishi sama," that when we suffer in life, when we are sad, or even when we are happy, "become one with me; let us live strongly together." By virtue of this connection, we are protected by Odaishi-sama, find joy in life, and walk the path of life together with Odaishi sama.

I now sincerely wish and pray, that through today's great assembly, Hawaii become the auspicious land in which all of us together, and everyone in the world, find happiness by virtue of Odaishi-sama's unlimited protection.



    Chief Abbot Gimyo Inaba
    Head of Koyasan Shingon-shu
    Kongobu-ji Temple, Koyasan, Japan

    March 9, 1997

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