Our goal is to establish, in the near future, a new temple complex built according to traditional design based on mathematical rules of the Universe. The temple complex will be erected near the outlying areas of Fresno/Yosemite, California, USA. Property is currently being sought for the new temple site.

The new temple complex will include a Garan (Sanskrit: samgharama, a Buddhist Complex) composed of seven traditional buildings: Dai Mon (Great Gate), Chu Mon (Middle Gate), Kondo (Golden Hall), Kodo (Lecture Hall), Shoro (Bell Tower), Kyozo (Sutra Storage) and Daito (Great Stupa).

We are looking for a place that has the potential to expand into a small community of people that want to grow spiritually based on the teachings of Kobo Daishi. We expect to have a facility that can train up to 50 priests on a long term basis and up to 200 people short term.

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