The Teachings of Kobo Daishi are universal and can be experienced by all of humanity. Our sincere desire is to make these traditional teachings available to English speaking students.

Our vision for Koyasan Shingon Tenchi-ji is:

  • To establish a place where people, who respect the Lifeforce of the Universe, can learn and share the sacred aspects of the Dharma Teachings (especially those of Kobo Daishi), without judgement, recognize that all paths are equal and assist sentient life to awaken the Buddhahood that dwells in their heart. In Shingon Buddhism our true nature is fully enlightened as a Buddha and we simply strive to realize this nature through awakening our skills.

  • To protect and preserve the Teachings of the Dharma as embodied in the Sutras and the writings of Kobo Daishi and other great Shingon Masters.

  • To recognize the value of the different political nations of the world as a reflection of local culture - praying for their peace and stability and the stability of the world itself. To pray that the rulers of all nations rule wisely. The Buddha has said that the first step to rule wisely is to protect the Buddha Fruit and the Ten Stages of Development.

  • To be an authorized temple to transmit the teachings, rituals and procedures of Koyasan Shingon Buddhism.

  • To create a university, as a part of the temple, that will train priests in aspects that will assist in their Awakening and ability to handle day to day life.

  • To translate the sacred rituals, procedures and oral commentaries into English so that they will be available for future generations.

  • To hold a vision that these Dharma teachings will be available for over two thousand years.

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