Major ceremonies are held throughout the year at Tenchi-ji. During teaching and training periods, there is recitation each morning of the major Sutras, such as the Prajñaparamita Naya Sutra (Rishu kyo) and portions of other Sutras.

The Ninno-e: The Ritual for Good Rulers to Protect the Nation

From December through January, Tenchi-ji performs the Ninno-e, The Ritual for Good Rulers (To Protect Their Nation). The Ninno-e ritual has been performed by Kobo Daishi and by many other Japanese priests to protect their own nation of Japan. The beginning and ending dates of the Ninno-e may vary but the ritual focus is on January 8, the day that the Buddha spoke the Sutra on which the ritual is based.

If you are interested in learning about the Ninno-e's ritual and teachings, you can find out more in a wonderful new book (August 1998) by Dr. Charles Orzech titled Politics and Transcendent Wisdom. This book has the text of the Sutra that is the basis for the Ninno-e.

The Ninno-e ritual is not generally open to the public.

The Goma Fire Ceremony for Native Americans in Central California

Every year in August, a Goma Fire Ceremony is conducted to honor the souls of the local Choinumni Yokut Native Americans that were killed in the San Joaquin area. In 1996, a Goma consisting of 10,000 sticks of offering wood was conducted to honor each of the 10,000 Yokut Native Americans killed between 1851-1858. Annually their spirit is honored with a special ritual to commemorate their death.

A description of the incident leading to the killing of the 10,000 Choinumni Yokut Native Americans can be found in Fresno County: The Pioneer Years by Charles W. Clough. This is a specialized book widely available in Fresno County Libraries and available through interlibrary loan.

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