Tenchi-ji is located at the former home of Walter A. Carrithers, a world class historian, scholar and avid Theosophist. He owned one of the finest private-collections in the world of materials on Theosophy and Madame Blavatsky and was recognized as very precise and meticulous writer.

Originally built in 1929 by Mr. Carrithers' father, the simple three bedroom house is surrounded by a concrete fence reflecting Walter's isolationism from the local environment - a sanctuary in an area of town known for its high crime rate. Following Mr. Carrithers' death in 1994, the property was put up for sale by the estate and was subsequently purchased by Rev. Harada and Rev. Eidson.

In 1995, the property was renovated to establish a practice and training hall in one of the smaller buildings on the site. The main house is used for disciples' lodging during training periods.

Following the renovation work, an application was submitted to Koyasan for recognition as a certified temple. In 1997, Tenchi-ji, the Heaven and Earth Temple, was officially recognized as a temple by Koyasan.

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